There’s only one thing better than a barbecue in the sun, and that’s some great wine to go with your spare ribs or veggie cutlets.

When you never know how much sun you’ll get, it’s worth making sure that your cook-out is the best it can be. To help that happen we’ve picked out some ideal accompaniments for you. Barbecue food tends to be rich and highly flavoured, so you need a wine that’s robust enough to stand out. When the sun is in full effect you also want refreshment. Yet if the clouds come, and let’s face it they often do, you may well want some consolation too! Here then are some winning wines whatever the weather.

Sacred Hill – Brut Cuvee.

There’s nothing like fizz to make an occasion feel special, and this crisp white is perfect for both refreshment and for cleansing the palette ready for burger number two!

Geyser Peak – Chardonnay.

Integrated, light vanilla oak, a full, soft finish with mature citrus elements mean this white equally compliments meat dishes and light salads.

Más Buscados – Macabeo Sobre Lías.

A bone dry, crisp Spanish white with hints of peach-stone fruit. This will go especially well with fresh barbecued fish, or on it’s own as an aperitif.

Salena – Petit Verdot.

Wonderfully rich yet soft, dark berry flavours and violet tones create an ideal wine for parties. Great with food and very drinkable on its own.

Con Amigos – Malbec.

As the name suggests, a perfect wine with friends. Light enough to indulge a little, the balance of plum and blueberry with well-weighted tannins means it’s good with meats too!

Clos Mont Blanc – Cabernet Merlot.

What Jim would call “a new world Claret”. Superbly balanced deep, oaked Cabernet and plummy Merlot make this the perfect pick to warm you should the clouds come in.

Don’t forget, if you’re having a party we can supply wine on ‘drink or return’, free glass hire and we can even cater food! Happy summer everyone 😉

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