Brazen Martini:



3 shots Solbeso

½ Parfait amour 

Method: Stir ingredients with ice and strain into glass.

Aliwen Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

This is a home-brew variant on the Brazen martini using Solbeso instead of Zubrowka Bison grass vodka. This drink is a quite lovely violet colour with some very interesting flavours going on. Normally I find parfait amour overpowering, but the Solbeso (in the same manner as the Zubrowka) holds up splendidly to give an unusual drink worth investigating. Solbeso is a spirit derived from cacao fruit. This is the same plant that provides us chocolate but since Solbeso comes from the fruit rather than the bean any correlation between the two should be dismissed immediately. It is a slightly fruity spirit that has more in common with tequila or cachaca than chocolate. It’s flavour is interesting with more depth than simple vodka or white rum and an almost whisky like smoothness. In this case the drink is a perfumed and colourful distant cousin of the martini.

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